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Message de solidarité de Kesk

syndicat turc du secteur public

Dear Friends,

We, KESK, would like to express that we are in solidarity with you ; the workers, trade unions and citizens in France who are battling against the law reform.

We, as a trade union confederation, believe that anti-labor neo-liberal agendas of the states are obliged to be ended, and a struggle to provide all reforms in the labor laws is for workers’ benefits and is workers’ friendly is necessary and important.

We are witnessing that the all states in every part of the world increasingly ignore their obligations to protect workers’ rights and such “reform agendas,” as it is tried to be forced the people in France upon, considers the labor welfare and workers interests as a mere residual. Such reforms can only be successful in maximizing the benefits and profits of big corporations and bosses at the expense of working people.

We stand in alliance with you and in the opinion that solidarity of working class is needed for stronger resistance to anti-labour neo-liberal agendas. To reach labour friendly, just, equal and free world, for world peace, we should defend our rights and freedoms together against the neoliberal reforms that are always for the benefits of the big companies, the bosses, exploiters and rulers.

KESK support all industrial actions over labor law reforms that you will continue till the government withdraws the business friendly law reform which threats workers’ rights. We wish you success in strikes and on 14 June. We demand that French Government abandons its attitudes to insist such a law. We condemn the mainstream media’s attempt to use incidents of battles with the police to discredit this adorable movement.

We believe that finally workers’ and solidarity win.

In solidarity,
Şaziye Köse and Lami Özgen

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Article publié le 6 juin 2016